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Top 5 Professions That Make Great Cybersecurity Analysts

Who makes a good cybersecurity analyst and why? Many different professions have an amazingly perfect talent for joining the cybersecurity field. Hospitality workers, stay-at-home moms, physicists, engineers, QA, developers, administrative professionals, insurance representatives, sales associates, and medical and dental workers. The list goes on. So many professions can bring their skillsets to cybersecurity and be highly successful.  

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Cybersecurity Risk and Governance Trends: Does Anyone Care?

Cybersecurity presents an expanding source of risk for every enterprise. McKinsey estimates the cost of cybercrime is increasing at 15% annually1. This is a very rapid expansion of an issue that threatens the viability of each of our organizations. And yet, is our governance prepared – do we even know what we need to know to properly attack this threatening trend? And even more basic of a question – who cares?

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