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It’s no secret that there’s a big gap, no matter what data source you look at, between the number of cybersecurity job openings and the number of qualified professionals. (CyberCrime Magazine has the cyber skills gap at 3.5 million by 2025!) Couple that with the ever-present and growing threat in our economy with the estimated loss from malicious attacks in the BILLIONS, and you’ve got a recipe for urgency to solve the gap and defend our nation. Get more intel in this Gap Report>


In David Letterman style, here's the top 10 reasons why Security+ Certification is a must-have (for a career in cybersecurity):

#10. Why do businesses (private sector) and government agencies (public sector) want you to have CompTIA Security+ certification?

  • Security+ is the preferred qualifying credential for early-career cyber professionals.
  • Many job postings require certification as a must-have for consideration because it’s a qualifier for having a foundational understanding.
  • In many organizations, certifications are also required to remain billable on key programs/projects.
  • NOTE: not all jobs require security clearances, which should not be a deterrent from applying.

#9. What jobs would I look for with the Security+ credential?

  • Cybersecurity Analyst is the foundational role in cybersecurity, and it’s where the biggest gap lies.
  • Annual salaries for a Cybersecurity Analyst range from $85,000 - $100,000+ USD.
  • NOTE: Cybersecurity Analyst job title also goes by SOC Analyst, Incident Responder, Information Security Analyst, and many more…yes, this job role could benefit from standardization!


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#8. What’s the best way to prepare to sit for the Security+ exam?

Practice, practice, and practice. You may see the following question types in your CompTIA exam:

  • Multiple Choice: the standard question, choose the right answer
  • Multiple Response: choose all answers that apply with more than one correct answer
  • Fill-in-the-blank: fill in the answer to the question
  • Drag-and-drop: image or question where you drag answers to match the image or text
  • Exhibits: answer questions relating to an attached picture or diagram (variation to multiple choice)
  • Performance-based questions (PBQs): detailed questions, open dialog boxes or other configuration windows and configure as needed
  • HINT: CompTIA has added more of the newer drag-and-drop and performance-based questions to their exam pool.

#7. Should I also get A+ and Networking+ certifications?

  • CompTIA recommends that Security+ certification candidates have their CompTIA Network+ certification as a recommended prerequisite to Security+. A+ certification is also good for candidates who are new to IT with a limited background to ensure a solid IT foundation. Plus, more certifications help future-proof your career. Check out our blog for the benefits of multiple certifications, “More Certifications = More $$.

#6. Security+ vs. CySA+?

  • CompTIA Security+ focuses on a broad range of IT Security topics from threat and vulnerability basics to organizational security assessment and risk mitigation techniques to physical security and IT security architecture and design setup and configuration.
  • CompTIA CySA+ certification focuses more on specifics of Threat and Vulnerability Management and the specific cybersecurity tools and practices to implement infrastructure, software & hardware security measures and incident response procedures.

#5. What’s covered in the new CompTIA Security+ Exam SYO-601?

  • Complimentary Access to 17 video episodes covering an Introduction to what’s covered on the Security+ exam, Risk Management topics, including Threats and Vulnerabilities, Risk Management Concepts, Security Controls, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessments, Data Types, and Business Impact Analysis. Click Here for access to free video episodes.

#4. Will I learn in Security+ the relevant Blue Team terminology?

  • Yes! There are many resources out there to help with a glossary of terms in cybersecurity. For a Cybersecurity Analyst (Blue Team), you’ll also learn about the Red Team. Being familiar with the terms will help as you advance to hands-on training when looking for a job.
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#3. What is a passing score for the Security+ Exam?

  • 750 (scale of 100-900), and thus why we have many practice support resources to help you not just pass the exam, but also gain practical skills.

#2. How long is my Security+ certification valid?

  • 3 years from the date of passing. CompTIA has continuing education guidelines that allow you to stay “current” on your certification.

…and #1. So I got my Security+ Certification, now what?

How do I get practical experience?  

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