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Cybersecurity Analyst

Key features
  • Start your career in cybersecurity by working like one - at CyberNow Labs Virtual Security Operation Center.

    The Cybersecurity Analyst is a top in-demand career role, growing by massive rates, where your unique technical knowledge will set you apart.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Key features
  • Upgrade or advance your career now into the fast-growing world of Cybersecurity Engineering.

    Technological advances, principally in the field of computers, have now allowed the creation of far more complex systems, with new and complex security problems.

    Modern systems need to be robust against the expanding attacks they face. Learn how to engineer systems to resist not only technical attacks, but also coercion, fraud, and deception including phishing attacks.

Custom Programs

Key features
  • Custom, targeted training: specific technologies, OEM solutions, and topical focus areas including cybersecurity blue team and CSOC operations
  • In use by community colleges, solutions providers, professional organizations and others, including white-label programs
  • Your design, your learning objectives, our methodology

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