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Mike Meyers and his team of geeks have created the “must-have” certification preparation materials. With over 23 years of experience, and over a million books in print (that’s a lot of certified people), we know what matters. Our products take the mystery out of complex technical concepts. We make IT relevant and interesting, so you’ll retain what you learn. What does this mean for you?


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An A+ certification can open many doors for those pursuing careers in the field of IT. Considered vendor-neutral, an A+ certification provides people with the qualifications needed to repair PCs, work as a computer technician, troubleshoot, and perform a variety of other duties.


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  • A+ Certification

    Companies such as Dell, Intel, Lenovo, and Ricoh require their computer technicians to have their A+ Certification. The Dept of Homeland Security requires A+ Certification in their computer forensics programs. Law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, also seek candidates who have their A+ Certification. If a company has computers, they may need your skills. Make sure employers know you’re certified.


  • Video Training

    Superb video training to help you master essential IT skills and attain success with industry-standard certifications, featuring Mike Meyers.

  • Network+ Certification

    The Network+ test covers networking technologies, installation and configuration, media and topologies, management, and security.

    Organizations such as the Department of Defense, and various law enforcement and state/local government agencies, recognize Network+ as a pre-requisite for many technical positions.

  • Training Simulations

    Interactive exercises to refine your training journey. Brilliant, short episodes for efficient learning. Helpful onscreen information guide. Provides graphical exam environment.

  • Security+

    The challenges of IT security in the second decade of this century are more daunting than ever before and the demand for those skilled in IT security reflect that challenge.

    Jobs related to Security+ competencies include security architect/engineer, security consultant/specialist, information assurance technician, security/systems/network administrators.

  • Books

    With over 1.5 million books distributed, you get the top titles from the top authors in the fields of IT and Cybersecurity. Through our global partnership with CompTIA and McGraw-Hill, you gain the most capable and competent content available.

  • Exam Vouchers

    Get exam vouchers for discounts and offers on eight popular certifications, available now in 50 countries.

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